8/10 (67 votes) - Télécharger GPX Editor Gratuitement. Téléchargez GPX Editor gratuit pour visualiser et éditer des fichiers GPX. Découvrez les points d'intérêt. Load, modify and save your GPX files. Add and remove waypoints, edit track and routes, simplify tracks (reducing file's size), clean recorded data, add and. Page de téléchargement gratuit pour GPX_Editor_1_06_zip du projet GPX add-verse.info, modify and save your GPX files. Add and remove waypoints, edit​.

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Increase or decrease the elevation of all points by the provided offset. Moyenne 3. Round time. Logiciel Windows. Pour installer un greffon, cliquez sur la case à sa gauche puis sur Valider.

En bref. Licence: gpl. Catégories du logiciel: Edition ·Sports ·. Edité par: Pixel K. Dernière modification: 14/10/ Captures · Capture GPX Editor Logiciel. Edit GPS eXchange format (GPX) files on your Mac. GPX Editor can edit GPX files exported from many GPS devices and other apps. - Open. Ouvrez le Mac App Store pour acheter et télécharger des apps. GPX Editor 4+. William Modesitt.

Copy waypoints, routes, tracks and file info and paste to a spreadsheet. Copy-and-paste waypoints, routes, and tracks from one file to another.


Show or hide waypoints and track points. Peut-être voudriez-vous essayer également des programmes en rapport avec GPX Editor? Windows Mac.

Développeur: Modesitt Software. Télécharger GPX Editor. Commentaires You can also add comment via Facebook. Merci d'avoir évalué ce programme! Merci d'ajouter un commentaire expliquant les raisons de votre vote. Me notifier des réponses des autres utilisateurs. Subscribe to comments:. Info mise à jour: juin 07, Logiciels connexes. Love Story - Letters from the Past Voyage. Cortex Command b23 Voyage. Distance :. Tilt :. Replace points elevations by the MapQuest elevation data.

Then it interpolates values to the other points. Promote this website If you like this app, say it! Share the link of this app in blogs or forums. Visit the Facebook, Twitter or YouTube page and click on the like buttons.

Le GPX, introduction et utilisation

This will motivate me to continue to improve it. Thanks, Manu. Warning The WEB browser you are using does not support:. More info on WEB browsers compatibility here. Solution: Install the Google Chrome Frame plugin. Track Window Map. Description Download No description. Conditions générales d'utilisation.

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Create Share Remove Remove all Remove not visible Preferences Center on track Center on all tracks AutoCenter Follow cursor. Note : Use another browser for quick loading more info. MyGPSFiles reads the following formats:. MyGPSFiles can save in the following formats:. Move the mouse over one setting to get help. Select your language. Restart the application to apply the new language everywhere in the app. Select units for distance, elevation and speed.

Change display of tracks on the maps. Set the width in pixels and the opacity of the lines. Change display of selected track on the maps. Adapt the line width with the map zoom level. When checked, the line width automatically increases when zooming in.

When checked, tracks are displayed at the ground level.


For air sports, uncheck it. A value between 1. The distance in meter between the camera and the cursor. More info. Merge segments Extract segments Merge tracks. Reduce to points Reduce file size to kB Simplify with this value: Last computed value:.

Cut track into segments:. Scanning elevations for Points:. Map loading:. Elapsed time : - remaining :. Select a command to get help. Then, click apply to execute it. If one track is selected, the command will apply only to this track.

GPX Editor : préparer ses randonnées et éditer ses fichiers GPX sous macOS

Else the command will apply to all tracks. Duplicate the track. Revert the track points order. The last point becomes the first, etc.


Only points coordinates and elevation are kept after the operation. Create a new track by merging all tracks. Each track will appear as a segment in the merged track.

The order of the merge is the same as in the table. Points times are kept only if all tracks have time data and are chronologically sorted. Merge all track segments into one segment. All data time, elevation, Create a new track from each segment of the track. Reduce the number of track points. The result's count may be lower than requested but never higher. Reduce the number of track points to get a file with the requested size.

The result's size may be lower than requested but never higher. Reduce the number of track points using the provided epsilon.


This value, in m, is used in the Douglas-Peucker polyline reduction algorithm Wikipedia. An higher value removes more points.

Note: The two other operations indeed compute the epsilon for you. Replace points elevations by the Google Earth plugin elevation data. MyGPSFiles does not interpolate here but it gets all points elevations from the plugin. But the result is really good for visualization on Google Earth. Add points to the track to get a more accurate elevation profile.


For correction with MapQuest data, it creates points to have at least one point every 90 meters in the limit of points. With Google Earth plugin, this is one point every 30 meters with no count limit.

Set the same elevation for all points.